Driving safely and efficiently

As fuel prices continue to rise and world moves towards greener fuel options, HWR is playing its part and leading the charge on fuel efficiency for the Group.

While there is no overnight solution for fuel efficiency, steps can be taken to lower fuel costs. One of these areas is through driver training, with HWR upskilling its drivers over the next 12 months through the SAFED programme.

Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) is a driver development programme and is one of the key fuel efficiency areas that the Group will be focusing on. SAFED NZ is a comprehensive one-day, off-the-job driver development course. It teaches safe and fuel efficient driving techniques through a combination of theoretical and practical exercises.

Applying safe and fuel efficient driving techniques learnt through SAFED NZ has seen some drivers reduce their fuel consumption by as much as 10% percent. Ongoing savings on repairs and maintenance are also achieved. The practical in-cab elements of the course provides drivers with real-world skills that can help them feel less fatigued, lower their stress levels, and increase their value to their employer through keeping fuel costs down and accident rates low.

Over the next 12 months, a SAFED drivers’ course will be reintroduced and will assist HWR’s companies in achieving a reduction in fuel burn and, more importantly, driver safety.

The SAFED course is something we know works. Previous course result achieved back in 2014 saw company drivers reduce their fuel consumption by an average of 6.8%. There was even a reduction in their trip times by an average of 3.9 minutes, over a 40-minute drive, as well as reduction in the number of gear changes by a massive 52.9%.