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Bit of a star with all things numbers?

You may see it as a bit of a behind-the-scenes role, but just like any business, the people who have a habit of sneaking under the radar are the ones that really keep the wheels in motion. You might not be out there on the roads driving our fleet or dealing with customers day in and day out, but without someone with your specialised skillset, HWR wouldn’t be able to keep our employees happy and up to date with their earnings. Payroll is one of the most important roles in our business, and it’s pretty obvious as to why. We need Payroll experts who know how to manage everything that comes with ensuring our people get paid correctly, on time, and that all their additional time is accounted for.

From ensuring that time in lieu and holiday pay is accurately documented, to being the point of contact for our staff whenever they have any queries about their pay slips, we’re looking for a go-to. If you’re used to going through numbers with a fine-toothed comb, know how to calculate wages, deductions and taxes like the back of your hand, and understand the ins and outs of New Zealand labour laws, we have a desk just waiting for you to park yourself up at.

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A vital part of any business where the scope of roles can vary and offer many opportunities