Decarbonisation and hydrogen journey continues

HWR Hydrogen continues to plough ahead at full steam, the team busy with events, conferences and developing the hydrogen project at a swift pace.

One of the dual-fuel hydrogen trucks, Blue Hydro, is now on the road and has completed a good amount of kilometres with its appearance at a number of conferences and trade shows. Blue Hydro is a DAF XF 530 8×4.

During the past few months, HWR Hydrogen has attended conferences in Rotorua, Invercargill, Wānaka, Melbourne and Wellington, where the team has shared its hydrogen programme, discussed decarbonisation in the fuel sector, and, in some locations showcased the dual-fuel hydrogen truck.

HWR Hydrogen has also been invited to be part of a working group that is developing hydrogen standards for New Zealand.

At an HWR level, the hydrogen team is working with the Group’s companies that will have dual-fuel conversions in their fleet to explain hydrogen and the programme, and to get them ready for the retrofit to their trucks. Additional dual-fuel kits are being prepared to retrofit the next trucks, and the team is also working on developing the injector components for other truck makes and models.

At a hydrogen production level, equipment for the production facility is arriving in New Zealand steadily and HWR Hydrogen continues to work through production facility design and procurement of equipment. As part of this, work on document development and safety assessments for the dual-fuel trucks and production facility are being developed, along with the team working with Fire and Emergency NZ (FENZ) on a hydrogen-specific training programme for first responders.