Keep Safe.  Stay SHARP.

People are the lifeblood of our business.

SHARP is our commitment to getting everyone safely home to their family and friends at the end of every day.  Safety without compromise.  Demonstrating we care.  Looking out for each other and keeping our mind on the job - always.

Safety without compromise

We aspire to achieve a Just Culture with accountability rather than blame, where it’s ok to make mistakes if we learn from them and in which we investigate to find the root cause of incidents and remove the risk.  We believe that all accidents can be prevented.

SHARP Safety without compromise

SHARP Healthy people enjoying the journey

Healthy People enjoying the journey

We need to truly care for the wellbeing of ourselves and each other:  Not only making sure we all get home in one piece, but that we’re Healthy and Well, and able to do our job to our full potential.

Accountability for safety on my patch

We all need to be accountable for our actions and actively take responsibility for safety on our patch.  Personal Accountability is essential in the Just Culture we aspire to. 

SHARP Accountability for safety on my patch

Role Modelling so that others might follow

It’s the actions of all of us that’ll decide the influence we can have on safety.  We’ll always have a much greater impact if we consistently Role Model the same high standards that we expect from everyone else.

Professional Standards keeping people out of harm's way

There’s no room for shortcuts if they compromise the procedures and standards we put in place to keep people out of harm’s way.  We’re all professionals and we have to maintain Professional Standards.


We buy and operate the most modern and efficient truck fleet.


We operate safely and develop people to make the right decisions at the coal face

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We create value by forming alliances with customers in the productive sector.