Got a knack for getting people organised? Like to be across what’s happening? Give dispatching a go!

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Organiser Superstar

Dispatchers are a vital part of HWR’s operations. Across the Group’s many companies, dispatchers are the glue that hold everything together. They work with our drivers to plan driving routes and freight movements, organise deliveries to customers and liaise with our suppliers and customers to keep things running smoothly.

HWR has dispatchers across the Group – in concrete, transport and operations. Dispatching is a great place to start if you’re keen on a career path with a lot of growth. Dispatchers can move into Operations Supervisor and Operations Manager roles – it’s all about that upskilling journey, that HWR will help you with every step of the way.

Dispatcher infographic

Benefits & Development.

We’re keen to see our people succeed and love the roles they’re in; working with HWR comes with employee benefits such as:

  • Health insurance
  • Fuel and tyre discounts
  • Staff referral scheme – get $1000 for recommending someone to HWR and them being hired
  • Professional development opportunities to upskill and earn more

It's easy to manage team members and logistics if you just treat decisions that impact the business, as if it was your own - Mere, Waste & Recycling Dispatcher