Staff Who Deliver

We firmly believe in our capable staff being given and taking responsibility.  "Treat the company as if it's your own" is something our people hear often.


Our People

For HWR marketing certainly has its place but we're happy to let our actions do most of the talking.  We're fortunate to have staff who really know what they're talking about and have the track record to prove it.  By having the tools and the freedom to make decisions at the 'coal face' they can quickly react to changing customer needs or market conditions without having to go through unwieldy governance structures.  We also make a point of developing our own talent and promoting from within wherever we can.

Our People

Career pathways

Career Pathways

HWR offers a multitude of career pathways for people who have the aspiration and drive to succeed.  No matter where you start within the business there will be a pathway for you. 

We have a diverse range of operations that allow for career progression to occur within our specific business divisions or across the entire Group and there are many qualifications that can be obtained while working within the business.  HWR is committed to providing opportunities for our people to advance their careers while remaining in the business. 

Study Grants

One of our core values is Great People and the development of existing staff to enable them to grow their personal capability is a key objective.  To assist the company in continuing to attain these objectives we are committed to financially assisting staff interested in developing their careers through further tertiary education. 

Lee Ann Study Grant

Courtney Scholarships


Family and the development of existing staff and their families is important to us.  Enabling them to grow their personal capability is a key objective.  To assist us in continuing to attain this objectives we have pledged to financially assist staff and their families interested in furthering their careers through full-time tertiary education.  It is an expectation that any tertiary study undertaken is in a field that is complimentary to the Group's business interests.  Several HWR external scholarships for tertiary study are also offered each year. 


We buy and operate the most modern and efficient truck fleet.


We operate safely and develop people to make the right decisions at the coal face

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We create value by forming alliances with customers in the productive sector.