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We firmly believe in our capable staff being given and taking responsibility.  "Treat the company as if it's your own" is something our people hear often.


Adam Waghorn

I was raised in Kapuka on a sheep farm and spent most of my time growing up either farming or driving tractors from a young age. I finished school at age 16 and started my first fulltime job farming. At age 17 I moved to Invercargill to be closer to start my first truck driving job on a fert spreader for a transport company in Isla Bank.  In 2006 after a year driving I got a job with Ox at Ryal Bush Transport on a fert spreader where I spent the next three years working my way on to a stock truck. In 2008 I left briefly to work on a sheep and beef farm in Mossburn before returning to Ryal Bush to drive a stock truck.   In October 2010 I took the opportunity to move out of the truck and into the office to dispatch livestock overseeing 10 stock trucks. I remained doing this until late in 2014 when I was given the opportunity to manage Hokonui Rural Transport in Gore. This was probably the biggest move I have made and wasn’t an easy decision to make but looking back it was the right one.  We have a great group of people at HRT and there are limitless opportunities within the wider HWR for anyone that’s willing to put the effort in. I have completed numerous training and leadership course which has helped me further develop my skills.

Andrea Young

Andrea Young

I grew up on a farm, my parents sold it when I was about 16 or 17 they went into transport.  Dad ran a refrigerated trucking company and I just followed his lead into the business.  I was always helping out at weekends down at the yard and next thing I knew I was pretty much full time.  After several years’ overseas driving tour buses and car transporters I came back to NZ in 2007.  I spent the next seven years driving B trains in the North Island then in 2014 moved to Timaru to drive fuel tankers for Allied Petroleum doing bulk deliveries from Central Otago to Christchurch.  I love the freedom the job brings.  Every day you’re on the road. You’re not stuck in an office looking out the same window, you’ve always got changing scenery, and every day’s different. It’s a really good lifestyle. You’re always out meeting new people, people are quite happy to talk to you and you get that real ‘feel-good’ buzz at the end of the day.  Working for allied has been great, they have regular ongoing training and support. They provide a fantastic working environment where safety is paramount. Everyone from management through to the drivers are positive and happy to help each other. It's really refreshing to work for a company like this.

Brodie Henderson

Having been in the Real Estate sector since leaving school, a move to country life in Woodlands and the desire for a change saw me take up a position at Kapuka Heenans Transport as their Office Administrator.  Rural Transport is in the blood, my parents formally owned a transport company and both continue to work in the sector - my father as a bulk driver with SouthRoads another HWR Group company and my mother as a dispatcher for a local transport.  I have worked for Kapuka Heenans Transport for the past two years looking after the day to day administration of our three depots at Woodlands, Kapuka, Tokanui as well as Waikawa Freight.  Every day is a little different and I have even managed to get my purple work-boots dirty on occasion helping with bobby calves or delivering a tow rope to a stuck bulky in a paddock.  When I started, I thought of my administration role as a job however working within the industry first hand I realise I have a career within transport.  I work with a great bunch of blokes and a supportive management team willing to assist in on-going training and development really does gives me the confidence in my future within rural transport.

Kirk Given

I grew up on a farm outside of Gore where my family was involved in farming and contracting.  I went to Dunedin to do a Diploma in Civil engineering for two years, this led to me being employed at SouthRoads.  I have worked for SouthRoads a HWR Group company for 11 years.  My current role is the Siteworks Manager for the Southland and Queenstown Lakes areas. I enjoy working here as the company has a great work culture and staff.  In my role I manage 35 staff consisting of contract managers, foreman, and labour operators who undertake project and contract management, pavement construction, asphalt surfacing, excavation, and pavement marking.  When I started at SouthRoads I spent six months in the field, then moved into a role as a Contract Manager mainly looking after small jobs.  As I gained experience the job sizes increased till I was managing some of the biggest civil works jobs in Southland.  Since being promoted to Siteworks Manager I have received a lot of good training, support and guidance which has led to my own skill base increasing, and our Siteworks division has grown as new opportunities come up.  The HWR Group actively encourages staff to work on their personal development and I have had many opportunities which have helped me with my own personal development, given me more skills to help others in my team and led to advancement in my time with SouthRoads.

Jeremy Simpson

A born and bred Northlander, I have been involved in the transport industry for 20 plus years. A country boy at heart, machinery, tractors and trucks are in the veins. At a young age I developed a passion for driving spending many afternoons in a tractor topping paddocks. From my late teens through to mid  twenties, I spent hours behind the wheel of a United Carriers livestock truck. This was a big company with many divisions so I was able to gain experience in general freight, refrigeration, heavy haulage, bulk tipping.  A four year stint driving over in Europe and Australia followed. I lived in the cab of a truck and driving 2-3 weeks to my destination was the norm. A working paid holiday, the greatest way to see the world.  Once home in New Zealand, it was time to hang up the log book. A job in dispatch at United Carriers quickly turned into Sales and Account Management. These roles and another Transport Management role held me in good stead for my current position.  I am responsible for over 50 staff, more than 40 trucks and the overall operation. It’s a high intensity 24/7 job that gives plenty of satisfaction. Operating efficiently, keeping customers happy and getting staff home safely a priority have been helped by all the training and support I have received. Over the past 5 years I have completed leadership and management courses, trained in Negotiation Techniques, ICAM training  to name a few.  The HWR Group  is a fantastic place to work; work hard, show initiative and apply yourself and the opportunities will present themselves.  I am looking forward to the future with more  training and development, and continuing to operate Allied Petroleum at a high standard.

Lee-Ann Irving

I grew up in rural Southland, in the heart of HW Richardson Group country. I left school at 16 and worked at the Todd Auction rooms in Invercargill for four years before moving to Australia for a few years. After moving back to NZ in 2002 I started working at Head Office carrying out administration for Allied Concrete and some aggregate companies. This was before the extension to head office and around the same time of the introduction of our current accounting software – Greentree. I transferred to Hastings in 2004 and was responsible for the Allied Petroleum branch. Not long after starting a family in 2009 I embarked on a six year journey towards completing my accounting degree which the HWR supported me through, both financially and with a few mentors along the way. Working full-time while studying and raising a young family would not have been possible without the support I received. Over the years I’d have to say the opportunities that have come my way within the Group have been due to the amazing leaders that I have had the pleasure of working with who truly believed in people development and promoting from within where possible. I have now transferred to Christchurch where I am the Finance Manager for the Petroleum Group shared services division – a challenging and exciting role. When I look back it is due to the amazing people that work within and lead the Group which makes the HWR such a special employer in New Zealand. The possibilities seem endless.

Josh Mabey

As a little fella I was obsessed with tractors.  Born in Pahiatua and living my early years in Woodville, I loved going out to my Grandfathers farm and just being in the tractor while he mowed, ploughed whatever – I could spend hours going around and around in the paddocks and I was happy!  As I got older my interest moved to exotic cars and it wasn’t until I started driving trucks that my true vocation was realised.  When I finished my schooling in Palmerston North I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do for work or as a career.  I got a job with a roading contracting company and spent 6 months doing manual labour, but what I really wanted to do was get in and drive the diggers and rollers.  When at age 18, the opportunity to become a driving cadet with Allied Concrete presented itself I jumped at the chance.  I enjoyed the variety of the job, meeting new people, the sometimes challenging access to different job sites and taking pride in the presentation of my truck.  During my time with Allied Concrete I gained my full Class 4 and Class 5 licences; moved up from driving a Class 2 Hino Mini Mixer to a Mack 8 wheeler Metro Liner completed a National Certificate in Commercial Road Transport.  I was fortunate to be chosen to represent Palmerston North Branch in the 2015 Driving Competition held in Invercargill which was an awesome experience.  I have had incredible support from my parents, some of my driving colleagues and the regional Driver Trainer - all of which gave me the confidence to take the next step in my driving career and I am proud to now be driving a truck and trailer unit for Dynes Transport.


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