Big wins for SouthRoads

HWR civil engineering and roading company SouthRoads has won two awards for works undertaken across the southern roading network.

The first is the award for Excellence in Environmental Projects, awarded to the Highways South NOC team (led by SouthRoads) at the 2021 Civil Contractors NZ – Southland ceremony in February 2022.

This was awarded for the team’s Harakeke Relocation project, which involved the removal and relocation of harakeke (flax) across the roading network, where its growth was causing visibility, safety and drainage issues.

Recognising the importance harakeke holds in the community, Highways South collaborated with schools, rūnunga, environmental groups, local businesses and Environment Southland to ensure the harakeke would be addressed in a respectful manner. Mature harakeke were relocated to a number of places, including for nearby riparian planting projects, pathways, to schools, and some were used for weaving.

The relocation project ensures harakeke will continue to thrive for generations to come and be part of the community, as well as ensuring that the southern roading network remains safe for users.

The second award was Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency’s Critical Risk Health and Safety Award for December. This was awarded for SouthRoads’ innovation that has significantly reduced the risk around trailers and towbars.

After experiencing difficulty with trailers disconnecting from a towing vehicle’s draw bar, Neil Hall from the SouthRoads workshop designed the Anihall TowSafe. It is a safety device designed to “lock” over the coupled towbar, ensuring that the trailer being towed cannot become disconnected. This device provides additional security to the tow ball attachment and acts as a visual reminder the person coupling the attachment.

This device was installed across the entire SouthRoads fleet, and was then offered to the industry where it has been purchased and used within other NOCs.

The award was presented in February 2022 to HWR CEO Anthony Jones and SouthRoads’ Neil Hall.