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Training programme delivers safer drivers

As a transport company, HWR’s drivers are integral to the success of the business. Without skilled drivers, the wheels of the business grind to a halt. To ensure its drivers remain up to speed and qualified across the divisions, HWR established its Driver Training programme in 2002. Back then there was just one driver trainer; now, the HWR Group of Companies employs 16 fully qualified driver trainers, across Concrete, Petroleum, Roading Infrastructure, Logging, Rural and Specialised Transport, to support training and assessment requirements.

These expert driver trainers are registered, accredited Driver Instructors and Approved Driver Licensing Course Providers. They can conduct approved driver licensing courses for classes 2, 3, 4, 5, Forklifts, Rollers, Dangerous Goods and other types of specialised driving. All of HWR’s driver trainers are qualified workplace assessors and qualified SAFED (Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving) Instructors.

The team is quite unique, in the way that it offers a service that no other driver training establishment can provide. Driver Training Manager Graeme Mabey says driver training isn’t just a matter of improving employee safety – it provides a greater sense and understanding of responsibility for the Group’s drivers.

“The direct results of this increased awareness brought about by enhanced driving techniques include improved behaviour and a more responsible attitude.”

Proper driving practices also lead to gains in lower fuel consumption, through the elimination of bad habits or poor initial training that may have built up over the years, he says.

“This will also have an associated effect on maintenance costs, as the greater understanding and sympathy for the vehicle generated by simply learning how to drive it properly leads to decreased wear and tear.”