Introducing Dig This


Dig This, Transport World’s newest tourism attraction officially opened in Invercargill in early October 2017. In what is a first for the Southern Hemisphere, guests can now live out their wildest fantasies and operate heavy earth moving machinery, including diggers and bulldozers, themselves. 

The official opening of Dig This Invercargill completed a six month project to bring Dig This from Las Vegas to Invercargill. Dig This continues to build on Transport World’s vision to create a world-class destination for motoring buffs and anyone interested in transport. It also supports Transport World’s goal to see Invercargill’s tourism product continue to flourish and grow.

Scott O’Donnell, Transport World Trustee says: “Dig This is a great new addition to Transport World’s attractions. It’s fun and unique and we hope it will create another reason for guests to not only visit Invercargill but stay longer. Whether it be new attractions, events or CBD revitalisation we are committed to Invercargill’s tourism growth and CBD development”.

Over the last 20 months Transport World has opened three attractions, Bill Richardson Transport World, Classic Motorcycle Mecca and now Dig This Invercargill. They also opened new accommodation The Lodges At Transport World in 2017 also.

Dig This is based on the hugely popular formula established by Dig This Las Vegas. Designed for anyone who has ever wanted to operate heavy machinery it includes interests for both young and the young at heart. Easy to pick up, guests operate heavy machinery whilst being challenged to a series of games within a controlled and safe environment.

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