A Proud Pathfinding Legacy

The story of HWR began when Bill Richardson's six-year-old feet touched the running boards of Snowy Kidd's 1949 Ford 5 tonner.  It sparked a fascination for trucks that endured through one of the most dynamic periods in our transport history.

Throughout that time the Group that now proudly bears Bill Richardson's name became renowned for driving and embracing change.  Bill's team revelled in being early and proficient adopters of new technology.    Ideas came naturally.  In their relentless urge to invent, sentences beginning 'what if' abounded.  They still do.

HWRichardson History Timeline

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We buy and operate the most modern and efficient truck fleet.


We operate safely and develop people to make the right decisions at the coal face

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We create value by forming alliances with customers in the productive sector.