On a Sustainable Journey

Our responsibility to contribute to the long-term sustainability of our environment is paramount.

At HWR we are very conscious of our environmental impacts and take our obligations to care for the environment in which we live and work very seriously.  We are on a continuous journey to improve our work practices and widen our contribution to a sustainable business and community environment.


Fuel Efficiency Project

Our fuel efficiency project continues to make great strides with fuel and CO2 savings achieved in the areas where Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) training has been completed.  This training has also resulted in significantly reduced gear changes and reducing repair and maintenance costs over time.   Tyre service programmes have been refined to provide the most efficient solutions for our heavy vehicle fleet and we have systems and measures in place, well supported by our in-truck telemetry, to measure and manage our improvements. With further opportunities through better aerodynamics, vehicle selection and scheduling there is potential for ongoing improvements in the fuel efficiency and sustainability of our fleet.

Chris Ruffell refuelling


Environmental Product Declaration

Allied Concrete continues to focus on providing environmentally sustainable concrete solutions to customers. Over recent years Allied Concrete has conducted work on recycling concrete aggregates, the use of crushed recycled glass as partial sand replacement, ecolabelling and development of a weather app for smartphones. Allied Concrete’s Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for our concrete - a New Zealand first – has been renewed for another year. This “declaration” is independently verified and enables Allied Concrete to declare the full environmental impact of our product, from water use, energy, waste and CO2 generation for all of our concretes made with Holcim Cement. This has been a major undertaking, carried out in conjunction with Holcim Cement and BRANZ. This also allows benchmarking all of our plants nationally for measures such as waste volumes of concrete, fuel use, water consumption and energy use, all normalised to a cubic metre of concrete. This allows us to apply best practice across the entire Allied Concrete national network.


We buy and operate the most modern and efficient truck fleet.


We operate safely and develop people to make the right decisions at the coal face

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We create value by forming alliances with customers in the productive sector.