Community Stories

Through their involvement and investment Scott and Joc are passionate about initiatives which can make our community a better place to live in.


Proactive Drive

Proactive Drive offer courses for teenage drivers to improve their driving skills, so they know what to do if something unexpected happens while they’re driving. They’re not just theory courses. They’re hands on, practical lessons, offered free to students aged between 16 and 19 years of age throughout the South Island and lower North Island, who already hold a current driver’s licence. This is an organisation that they have supported for many years now and will continue to do so as they are passionate about keeping our youth safe.

Invercargill CBD Redevelopment

Driven by the belief that size of a city doesn’t have to denote its vitality, the $160 million redevelopment of Invercargill’s CBD aims to put the heart back into the city. Spearheaded by Scott O’Donnell, the redevelopment project will see an entire city block rebuilt and is expected to take 3-5 years to fully complete. The project has the potential to boost Southland’s real GDP by around $48 million per year, create hundreds of jobs during the construction phase and boost hospitality jobs in the CBD. Scott’s driving force behind this project is to create a vibrant city centre which will benefit future generations of Southlanders.

The Hawthorndale Care Village

Having watched his father lose his life to dementia, Scott’s involvement and $10 million investment in the Hawthorndale Care Village, is one that’s based on a societal impact rather than a financial return. The Hawthorndale Care Village project is a dementia and elderly care facility, based on the world leading Dutch De Hogeweyk model – where the focus of care highlights what residents can do, not what they can’t. It fully replicates everyday life in a suburban neighbourhood within a safe, secure setting. The project is expected to cost $30 million, with the former site of Hawthorndale School on Tay Street, Invercargill secured for the village project.

NZ Road Transport Hall of Fame

The NZ Road Transport Hall of Fame was initiated in 2012 and is the brainchild of Scott and Joc O’Donnell. It is a way to honour and applaud the outstanding contribution many individuals have made to the New Zealand road transport industry. Many of the individuals are legends in their own right, having contributed significant time, effort and resources, forging the way for the future of road transport in New Zealand. Over a short period of time this event has established itself as an annual industry event “not to be missed” with 600 tickets selling out well in advance.

Transport World Tourism Hub

HWR Director Joc O’Donnell had a very specific vision in mind when creating the first venue in the Transport World Tourism Hub, Bill Richardson Transport World. She wanted to honour her father’s lifelong passion for trucks – and his love of sharing this passion with others – and envisaged housing what became a world-class collection within a purpose-built facility brimming with natural light and modern, state-of-the-art amenities. Many of the quirky flourishes found within the venue are thanks to Joc’s individual styling touch and focus on upcycling and recycling materials. Similarly, the attention to detail and level of thought that has gone into crafting each detail at Classic Motorcycle Mecca is reflective of a vision to create unique, interesting venues that reflect and celebrate Invercargill’s famed obsession with wheels. Her key goal in this area is to create a point of difference for Invercargill through commissionable products that encourage visitors and extend their stay.


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