Employee Profiles

Profile of Brett Haldane

Marketing Manager: Allied Petroleum

brett_haldaneAs a student I had an interest in marketing and eventually emerged from Lincoln University with a Bachelor of Commerce & Management. I am now enjoying the opportunity of putting marketing strategies into practise as a member of Allied Petroleum’s management team.

I joined HWR as a Regional Manager for Allied Concrete in 1999, initially on secondment from Holcim NZ - one of HWR’s important corporate partners.  My previous experience was mostly in sales, so the opportunity to try line management proved challenging but rewarding.

During my time with Allied Concrete I was encouraged to get involved with the NZ Readymix Association. I became a councillor for several years and then briefly the Association’s President.  I enjoyed the experience as it is not often you get the opportunity to contribute at an industry level.

In early 2008 I took up the role of Sales & Marketing Manager with a sister company, Allied Petroleum.  I was keen to learn about a completely different type of business and return to early interests. I've since moved into a Marketing role with responsibilities across several petroleum businesses

I have found within both of my positions a high degree of responsibility – the Richardson family just trust you to make decisions and get on with the job.  The leadership training, in support of these expectations, has been very noticeable in the last 5 years.

Recently we have extended the Christchurch offices to create a sales team office, staff room and shower.  Thanks to the shower I now manage to clear the head with the odd midday jog!

My time with HWR has seen me to the altar, into my first home, and the arrival of my children, Jack & Emily.  The career journey has meant a lot to me, but so has working with others and watching their development.



Profile of Bruce Graham

Manager Christchurch: Allied Concrete Ltd

bruce-grahamAt school, I enjoyed riding on the lawn mower more than going to the actual classes!  Coming from a farming background, I gained a great deal of mechanical knowledge and achieved my HT licence at the age of 16. This experience has since been put to greater use in my current role of Manager for the Allied Concrete Blenheim plant.

I came to the Allied Concrete Blenheim seven years ago from the position of Driver/Batcher for Issac Concrete in Timaru. Within a short period I was promoted to Manager of the plant and am now entering my eighth year with the company.

During my employment I have had a lot of training and support and have been involved in some great projects.  My previous experience on the farm, driving trucks, provided me with a great source of knowledge for the truck servicing schedule I have helped  develop for the Allied Concrete Group, nationwide. This means that all of our vehicles are serviced based on the hours they have completed, rather than on a monthly basis, and each and every vehicle is extremely well maintained.

During the period of 2006 -2009 I took on the role of selling the Allied Super Slab System. This particular flooring system is an alternative to using block foundation. Some of the benefits are minimal excavation; thermal insulation, speed of installation, and cost savings for all. This concrete flooring solution has now been installed in over 180 residential homes. This has been a very rewarding challenge for me and I have loved the time I have spent creating great relationships with architects and builders which have opened up other opportunities for the business.

The support of HWR has allowed me to study several management courses which have had a positive flow-on effect in my everyday work.  The strong emphasis on training has allowed me to gain a greater understanding of the technology behind the concrete.

My family consists of my wife, Sharon, and three wonderful children. Sharon and I both have a particular interest in tractors and are members of the local tractor club. I also may, from time to time be known to play the bagpipes!

HWR have a family orientated approach and it is refreshing to see the culture of openness and sharing sustaining our industry through the tough times.  The resources that have been put into the training and personal development of staff have enabled me to go to the next level, which makes me very loyal to the company.



Profile of Dale Cocker

GM Specialised Transport: HWR

daleI was raised in Winton and attended Central Southland Collage. In 1987 I left school to take up employment at Pyper Produce, operating tractors of various sizes then moving on to driving trucks.

In 1990 I spent some time in Australia driving trucks around Brisbane and Sydney. Upon my return to Southland I worked for Otapiri Transport for 12 months before starting at Freight Haulage Limited.

I started at Freight Haulage in 1993 driving a freight truck on a daily run to NZAS. In 2002 I then moved into a storeman’s role, being responsible for all inwards/outwards stock and import/export containers. Soon after in 2003 I took over the Operations Manager role and in 2004 was promoted to Manager of Freight Haulage.

In 2007 I was promoted to General Manager of Specialised Transport for HWR. I now oversee and am responsible for the six separate companies in this division; Freight Haulage; Purdue Bros; Southern Transport; Bulk Distribution; Cromwell Bulk Distribution and Enviro South Limited.

None of what I have achieved working for HWR would have been possible without the support of our company’s owners and the unlimited amount of training that has been made available to me.

The opportunity to move through from the driving ranks into a management position, or even having the prospect to transfer to a position in another company within HWR, is one of the many benefits in working for HWR.

I have been married to my wife Megan for ten years and we have two boys Josh, aged five and Ben, aged two; who like myself are both passionate Stags fans.



Profile of Darryl Shand

Yard/Fleet Supervisor: Freight Haulage Ltd

darryl-shandI was born in Milton and raised in Lawrence were my father worked for S.M Summerville and then Dynes Transport as a truck driver, I think this is where my interest in driving trucks must have come from! Over the years we relocated a couple of times as my father was transferred for work, residing in Dunedin from age 14.

I finished school at 16 and worked briefly in a supermarket. On turning 18 I trained for my class 2 license and immediately got a job doing town deliveries in the Dunedin, South Otago and North Otago areas for Davlin Distributors.

I moved to Invercargill in January 2001 to take up a role driving for Freight Haulage Ltd (FHL) and progressed, soon after, to take on the position of Storeman. In 2007 I was promoted to Yard/Fleet Supervisor. This would not have been possible without the training and support from Management to move up through the ranks.

I have recently completed stage one of a company leadership training programme run by a company called Leadership Focus. As part of this course participants were asked to come up with a personal goal and a business goal and present this to the rest of the attendees at the conclusion of the course. My business goal was to have a fumigation operation within FHL.

I began my training with a company called Quarantine Treatment Centre towards this goal in late September 2009 and completed the accreditation to perform Bio-security/MAF fumigations on behalf of Freight Haulage in early February 2010.

FHL is now the only transport company in New Zealand to have our own fumigation treatment provider which enables us to offer our container import/export customers the full service from transport and logistics to bio-security clearance.

It is very rewarding working for Freight Haulage under the umbrella of HWR. There are ample career opportunities available and support for personal development offered. The company still maintains strong family values throughout.



Profile of James Hill

Fleet Operations Manager: Allied Petroleum Ltd

jim_hillI previously worked for an owner driver contracted to Mobil and then transferred to Allied Petroleum in the early part of 2000 as a driver. Today I am the Fleet Operations Manager with a team of 40 drivers and operational office staff reporting to me. I have helped to make Allied Petroleum achieve ExxonMobil Regional Hauler of the year since 2004.

Growing up, I always had a strong interest in transport and trucks which has helped me to become very passionate about my chosen career. My first step into a transport related role was at the tender age of 18.

My role involves managing fleet efficiency, operational and driver issues, and emergency response, as well as leading Health and Safety for my team which is a major priority in our industry. The area I cover is from Bluff in the South to Gisborne in the North. My travels, while at Allied Petroleum, have taken me as far afield as Australia and Thailand.

Along the way with Allied Petroleum I have ended up with a wonderful family at home; my wife Lisa, sons Jackson and Connor and my daughter Caitlin. Allied Petroleum are always flexible with time off, be it sick family or finishing early for that ever-important school assembly.

Having two truck-mad boys at home, I am constantly under pressure on the weekends to come into the yard so the boys can look over the trucks!

Along the path to my current role, (which has also included a stint as a Driver Trainer) HWR, has shown tremendous support with leadership training and on the job mentoring and guidance. There are always lots of opportunities within HWR such is the diversity of HWR.

Within Allied Petroleum, there are great people, good relationships and lots of opportunities. I believe that if you have the drive and determination, you will succeed.



Profile of Jemal Dixon

Manager: Allied Concrete – AML Ltd

jemal-dixonBorn and raised in Hawkes Bay, I began working in the roading industry at the age of 12. Starting off as a labourer and traffic controller, I was introduced to all types of Heavy Machinery and taught the “old way”, correct operation and maintenance of all the machinery involved.

By the time I finished high school in 1996 I knew my career would start in contracting and go from there.

My first year out of school I worked full time between a roading crew, and the kerb and channel team for Tuck Contractors. The following year I attended E.I.T in Napier where I studied the first year of what was then known as N.Z.C.E.

In 1999 I took a year off study and again worked full time for Hawkes Bay Drainage and Contracting where I learnt another whole skill set involved in contracting, and worked on some of the biggest drainage jobs in Hawkes Bay.

In 2000, with some money saved to finish NZCE, I moved to Wellington to study at Massey University. Half way through the year I decided that full time study was too hard financially and began looking for a cadetship with the hope of continuing my studies whilst earning at least a little money.

In August 2000 I began as a Management Cadet with Allied Concrete in Wellington. My immediate responsibility was concrete and aggregate testing for both the Wellington and Lower Hutt plants. Within six months I was competent at both batching and dispatching and was soon after promoted to full time batcher.

One of my greatest tests came in 2001 when I turned up to work at 6 am to find no one else in the office. Both dispatchers and the manager had called in sick I was there on my own wondering whether I should just leave as well. However, as all the drivers were there, I thought I might as well give it a shot. Long story short, I survived but only just. I think I learnt more about dispatching and batching on that one day alone with the main point being; most customers will be flexible and helpful if you manage their expectations by communicating time frames for delivery before their concrete is due.

I was promoted to Manager in 2004 and have enjoyed the job and the challenges it involves. I have had great support and training from a lot of people throughout HWR, and have enjoyed running my own division. My proudest achievement to date was to be awarded the 2008 Best Overall Plant Award by the General Manager, the diamond amongst other awards we collected that year.

I am closing in on 10 years of service with Allied Concrete and am very proud to be involved in such a professional and supportive group. I look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.



Profile of Peter Stringer

Regional Manager Southern: Allied Concrete Limited


Originally from Central Otago, I was brought up in Roxbourgh, then moved to Cromwell where I attended Cromwell College with my final year at Dunstan High in Alexandra where I was selected for the school 1st fifteen rugby team

Having always had an interest in farming, after leaving school I joined the farm cadet scheme. This placed cadets on various farms over a two year period, to get experience in the practical side of farming. Upon completion of this, I attended Lincoln University studying for a Diploma in Agriculture. For several years after completing my studies I traveled overseas and worked in Scotland and around Australia.

In December 1988, after returning to New Zealand, my wife Chris and I arrived in Christchurch from Australia early one morning, proceeded to the Air New Zealand counter and asked if there were any stand by seats available. The lady at the counter then asked where we wanted to go, to which we replied anywhere in New Zealand as we had no ties and location did not matter. We were advised there were two seats available to Nelson, we took these and have lived in Nelson ever since.

In January 1989 I started with Certified Concrete Nelson Ltd as a concrete batcher / dispatcher. This type of business was totally different to anything I had done in the past. In 1990 Allied Concrete took over ownership of this plant and I was appointed Branch Manager.

Over the next few years I took on various roles within Allied Concrete including Regional Manager of the top of the South Island (including Nelson, Blenheim and Kaikoura); the West Coast of the South Island and Whangarei in the far north. During this time I was also involved in the moving and set up of Allied Concrete mobile plants which are moved to locations nationwide when  specific projects require a ready mix concrete plant on site outside of our normal delivery regions.

In 2008 I was given a further challenge which has extended my current region to include Otago/Southland.

Working for Allied Concrete and being part of  HWR’s great culture, is a challenging and rewarding experience. Being part of this large family-owned company, with the ongoing personal and employment development opportunities, is the reason I am still motivated after 21 years employment within HWR.